Episode #30 – Too Mild Mannered To Be Forgotten

23 11 2009

That’s right, kiddies, it’s our 30th episode bonanza! Though the gang felt under the weather, we perked up in a hurry when we heard that we’d be getting to interview The Man, The Head, and The Legend: Alex Robinson! Yes, the creator of “Box Office Poison” and “Tricked” joined us for the show to divulge his inspirations, discuss his books (the newest of which, “A Kidnapped Santa Claus,” has just been released by Harper Collins), and ever so much more.

Later, we review Robinson’s third book, “Too Cool To Be Forgotten”! The heartwarming story of a boy, some hypnosis, and a fateful cigarette! What’s the opposite of “Sam Bitches A Lot”? Did Mike survive his hell week with all of his cheeriness intact? And just what’s the deal with the Ultimate Alliance 2 downloadable content? The answers to all of these questions–and ever so much more–lie in this double-sized 30th episode of the Mild Mannered Podcast!

Listen here and tell your friends!



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