Episode #35 – Accents Abound!

7 02 2010

On this episode of the Mild Mannered Podcast we’re doing an episode entirely in London! I, your long running host, The Mild Mannered Photographer was unable to record with The Mild Mannered Man on the Street or the Mild Mannered Music Man this week, luckily I was able to wrangle in some new friends from the other room and the original 3 man podcast became a 6 man podcast party, lots of subjects were discussed, here are just some of them.

– Doesn’t matter whether it’s Gosh Comics or Forbidden Planet, buying comics in London is expensive!

– We debate the storytelling merits of Seaguy by Grant Morrison

– I do some live on the scene reporting at Forbidden Planet during the signing of The 45 from ComX Comics

– And we all agree that Axe Cop is smegging awesome.

There is so much more so Download Now!!!




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