A Games Review?

12 05 2011

I’ve been on an adventure game kick for the past couple of weeks, call it what you will, a case of the point and clicks, clicker’s finger, I think I’ve already run out things to call it. I played through season 3 of Sam and Max: The Devil’s Playhouse and had an enjoyable time playing it. I went back to season 2 and began playing through that. During this time I also have been eagerly awaiting each and every episode of the new Back To The Future game, playing through them in about 2 sittings each. I even replayed The Devil’s Playhouse just for fun, which I can’t say I have ever done with a point and clicker. And just recently I finished the Tales of Monkey Island series.

So of course when I received an e-mail from the PR person for Telltale Games offering a review copy of Hector Badge of Courage for the Mac I jumped at the chance. Only thing is, I just sort of forgot to mention that I had never actually written a game review before. Podcasting a review is much easier, all the steps are there and you can just fall down them and no one will be too mad; because you know, your injured, the steps were very hard.

Steps for a Podcast Game Review

  1. Ask co-host/s if he/she has ever heard of said game.
  2. Read description of game with best radio voice if game is good, if not apply thick layer of sarcasm to reading while co-host/s laughs.
  3. Talk about experience with game.
  4. If you did not enjoy your time with the game find something that you did like that you occasionally return to as not to sound too harsh. If you did enjoy the game, find some flaw you can nit pick about so you don’t come off as sounding like a fanboy. (As much as you can try to avoid either label in the end someday someone will accuse you either)
  5. Ask co-host/s for opinions and patiently wait for them to stop talking. Try to pretend that you care what they think and ask them a question before finishing the review.


So I know absolutely nothing about writing a game review, and had already downloaded the game to my computer for free. And without the energy to go about recording, editing, and uploading the podcast I had made a promise that seemed I would be unable to keep. So with my degree in english from Binghamton University underneath some pile of junk staring a hole in the back of my head(If it had eyes), I’ll try my hand at writing this review. Bear with me.


Oh mah gawd ITS GRAYT!  5 out of 5!
Just kidding, seriously, don’t leave.



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