Episode #34 – WhiteOut

29 01 2010

Apologies for the late episode, London has kept me busy. Won’t write a long post, but we reviewed Whiteout by Greg Rucka. Download it Here


Episode #33 – The Great Post-Christmas Podcast Palooza!!!

6 01 2010

Happy Holidays geeks and comic nerds around the oblate spheroid!! After taking a week off for moving back home from college, we are here just in time before the new year for our 33rd episode. On this episode, we review each of our gifts that we got for each other individually, then go over some of this week’s and last week’s incoming trades. This will include reviews of The Sandman Vol 1.,  Gotham Central, and Cat Getting Out of a Bag and Other Observations!! Plus, we go over what we got/did over the holiday, and one of us has a “Bitches A Lot” segment, but it’s not who you think it is! All this and more on this classically comical episode of the Mild Mannered Podcast!                           

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Episode #30 – Too Mild Mannered To Be Forgotten

23 11 2009

That’s right, kiddies, it’s our 30th episode bonanza! Though the gang felt under the weather, we perked up in a hurry when we heard that we’d be getting to interview The Man, The Head, and The Legend: Alex Robinson! Yes, the creator of “Box Office Poison” and “Tricked” joined us for the show to divulge his inspirations, discuss his books (the newest of which, “A Kidnapped Santa Claus,” has just been released by Harper Collins), and ever so much more.

Later, we review Robinson’s third book, “Too Cool To Be Forgotten”! The heartwarming story of a boy, some hypnosis, and a fateful cigarette! What’s the opposite of “Sam Bitches A Lot”? Did Mike survive his hell week with all of his cheeriness intact? And just what’s the deal with the Ultimate Alliance 2 downloadable content? The answers to all of these questions–and ever so much more–lie in this double-sized 30th episode of the Mild Mannered Podcast!

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Episode #29: Mild Mannered G-Men

15 11 2009

Don’t shoot, G-men, don’t shoot! Ah, it’s okay, we’ll only talk at you for a while. It’s our review of Ande Parks and Eduardo Barreto’s historical fiction graphic novel, Union Station! Mike might have been off having an action-packed theater weekend, but Alex and Sam somehow found the time to gabble on about the FBI, this year’s Lulu Awards, and the recently released Kick-Ass trailer.

Need to hear a little bit more of Sam’s endless bitching about how Mark Millar is a Bad Man? Want to jam out to our fresh (and also “poppin'”) new musical interludes? Just itching to find out what the best and worst new trades are for this week? We can accommodate all of those wishes and more on this weeks’ episode of the Mild Mannered Podcast!

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Episode #27 – The Walking Mild Mannered (Scaretober part 4)

31 10 2009


In this episode we review Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead and go over the weeks releases, its a two man operation so we skip Masterpiece comic book theater, all so I can get this out for HALLOWEEN!



Episode #26 – Milde & Mannered (Scaretober Part 3)

24 10 2009

locke-key-04-cover1 crop

WE’RE BACK! And to raise the bar from part II, we are reviewing the psychologically disturbing Locke and Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. You won’t want to miss our spine-tingling critique of this mental cage of mystery and horror! Plus, we go back in time and discuss LAST WEEK’s incoming trades as well as THIS WEEK’s thanks to the powers of Chronokinesis!! (AKA the Internet).  We also have a big talk of what Iron Man has been going through in the Marvel Universe as well as where he is going! LISTEN IF YOU DARE!!!

Continuing Monsterpiece Comic Book Theatre, we give you a short yet frighteningly witty scene from Dan Slott’s Arkham Asylum : Living Hell!!!

Episode #23 – Booster Gold!

27 09 2009


On this weeks podcast we have 10 minutes straight of Booster Gold jokes!

Oh yeah, we also review Eric Powell’s The Goon Vol. 2 from Dark Horse Comics, talk about vidjagames with special guests Aaron and Andrew the Comedy Twins, and explore the intricacies of Sumo chairs! Don’t dare to miss it!

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