The Hosts

The Mild Mannered Man On The Street

The Man On The Street

Mild Mannered Man on the Street Sam Riedel is a writer of poetry, prose and plays based in Binghamton, New York. He enjoys toying around on the computer and reading anything at all that he can get his grubby little hands on, but he has a special fondness for crime fiction and history. And, ladies, he’s single! His favorite comics include “Transmetropolitan,” “Powers” and “Bone.”

The Mild Mannered Music Man


Mild Mannered Music Man Mike Gilbert (alliteration much?) is an up-and-coming actor in the Binghamton University Theatre Department and is usually busy due to auditions, acting classes, rehearsals, or performances. He loves his girlfriend Carolyn who rekindled his love for comics. He enjoys a good showtune and reading comic books, old and new, along with enjoying a daily dose of baseball from time to time. His favorite comics include “The Sandman”, “The Ultimates (except 3)”, “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”,  and “Fables.”

The Mild Mannered Photographer

The Photographer
Mild Mannered Photographer Alex Erde is a college student/mercenary amateur photographer alternately operating in Binghamton, NY and New York, NY. He usually has free time due to his resistance to getting any actual work done, and thus spends said time coming up with other activities such as podcasting. He got back into comics two summers ago and is a fan of many series. He tries to keep an open mind while reading comics.


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18 09 2009
Elizabeth Dapo

I love you guys! Keep the great work up!

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