Episode #36 – Mild Mannered Drama-Cast

12 07 2010

We’re Back! Well, sort of… It’s just the Mild Mannered Photographer accompanied by returning guest Carolyn, the Magical Tanooki and a completely new guest, Magical School Girl Sinead! And It’s finally happened, we review a manga on the podcast, and it’s called DRAMA-CON!

It’s by Svetlana Chmakova, and while there is no harem of girls, light swords, or tentacles there is a whole bunch of girls dressed up in costume so thats cool.

But seriously, listen to our review first before you dismiss what be one of the most interesting slice of life comics about an anime convention, but in the form of a manga!

Download it now!!!


Episode #31 – In Which We Find Ourselves On A Boat

9 12 2009

This week, we review Kevin Cannon’s “Far Arden,” an epic adventure of love, loss, and angry orphan punches! Plus, the content of our upcoming holiday show is revealed amid copious gift-giving, and we discover Mike’s personal Kryptonite in the wrapping paper! What is the secret of Sam’s supple skin? What’s the deal with David Gallaher’s secret project he told us about in Episode 10? And did we honestly just make an “I’m On A Boat” reference? The answers lie in store for you on the Mild Mannered Podcast!

Listen here, and tell your friends!

Episode #17 – 100 Podcasts (minus 83)

19 08 2009

100-bulletsThis week, the mild-mannered team reunites as a whole as they give you the highs and lows of the first two volumes of Brian Azzarello’s 100 Bullets, but try not to get caught in the crossfire! Also, special guest Audrey gives us a review of her expedition to Comic-Con 09′ while the boys try to hold back their tears and envy. There will also be more attacks on Jeff Loeb (but respect given to Batman Hush), Alex confesses a dream involving Adam West, a quick shout-out to the hit manga One Piece, and the boys praise/rant about their zany weeks (which will include injuries, encounters, and,you guessed it, comics!)

Download and enjoy!