The Special Guests

In some of our podcasts, we tend to have one or more people partake in reviews, picks, “trashing”, and Masterpiece Comic Book Theatre…


Carolyn – The Girlfriend of the Mild Mannered Thespian Mike is the major reason he got back into comic books (well, reading in general). She is an actress/writer/model/grammar nazi who’s out to be the change in the world. She is very intelligent and bears more knowledge of comic books than many. Her favorites include The Sandman, Y: The Last Man, WE3, and Mini Marvels.




Matthew Sanders (The Not-So-Mild Mannered Nerd) is beloved friend to all in the podcast and wields mighty opinions of comic books of all types. He resides in Connecticut and is owner to many comics he has graciously loaned out to many, including members of the podcast. He is always a pleasure to be in the company of, especially with that hat!


Regina Crotser currently holds the honorary title of Mild Mannered Beatnik, and BFF status with Mild Mannered Man on the Street Sam. She loves animals in general, giraffes in particular, and laughing always. While not an avid reader of comics or trades, she is constantly on the lookout for quality literature of all genres. She lives in New York, where she maintains an adorable haircut.



Aaron Gold is a Yoshi-by-day-and-Rocker-by-night comedian and lover of Comic books. He has begun making cameo appearances on the Podcast, contributing his fair share of both comedic wit and comic book opinions. He tends to have the next guest in tow whenever he stops by for a review. He has a place in his heart for the first two volumes of MARVEL ULTIMATES.



<NAME REDACTED> is Aaron’s partner-in-crime, given the crime is comedy. He too is both a fan of comic books and the podcast itself. He has appeared (along with Aaron) on the podcast a few times to make all a little more giggly and share his knowledge of his favorite comics.


Matt Koenig, clos friend to the Music Man  has blessed the podcast with both a visit as well as a contribution to the Masterpiece Comic-Book Theatre. Becuase he works for an underground agency, this is all we are allowed to know about him…..but he does like Fables

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